Celebrating 60 years in business

Established in 1963, Roth Quarry has become a leader in producing the highest quality limestone products available for building and landscaping needs.


Nestled in Missouri's "Great River Road", just north of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri; Roth Quarry has been producing products used for building and landscaping since 1963. Then Richard Roth sold the quarry operations to the Lawrence Jokerst family in 1998. Fast forward to current day, to meet our owner of 7 years, Ed Ring. Ed has not only kept the Roth name, but also the commitment to produce the highest quality limestone products available.

The philosophy is shared with the corporation, managers, and employees which makes for an efficient and family-oriented business. We believe hard work, perseverance, and outstanding service along with the uniqueness of our products are all required to give our customers what they want and when they want it.

Specializing in natural stone, stone veneer, and landscaping stone, the Joachim Limestone we quarry ourselves is extracted and then sawn to various sizes before being cut into the finished products. Special-needs stones, such as palletized, cut to specific dimensions, and fabricated are readily available upon customer request (as are shipping prices, if needed).​

We invite all of your inquiries. If you need natural stone for a current or future project, why not consider Roth Quarry, LLC. You are just a phone call away from hearing about our company of over 60 years in the natural stone business!